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Lisa TeachingOkay, let me give you the “official” bio first:

Lisa is a second generation rug care specialist and one of the owners of Blatchford’s San Diego Rug Cleaning Company. She is an NIRC Certified Rug Specialist and a hands-on instructor in the professional cleaning industry. She created the first knowledge product for rug cleaning in the industry, Rug Secrets, and has written the Rug Buyers Guide for consumers on buying the right rugs for their homes.

Lisa served ten years on the board of the Carpet and Fabricare Institute, including past President. She has served twice on the board of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. She served on the Rug Certification Technician task force, and also on the National Institute of Rug Cleaners Textile Council.  Twice on the Connections Events Board.

Lisa was chosen as Cleanfax Magazine’s 2006 Industry Person of the Year for her contributions to the industry, and has been a 4 time recipient of the Bill Bailey Memorial Award for her work in helping and teaching other professionals. Lisa Teaching 2

Okay… the unofficial “bio”:

I love rugs. I love business. To me business is a game – it’s meant to be challenging and fun and meant to make you a better person. So that is what I’m always doing, looking for new ways to improve everything I do.

Life is literally like a rug… you take great materials, and one knot at a time (one action at a time) you end up creating a beautiful weaving of your life on this planet.

I’ve had good times, I’ve had bad times. Both have created what I am today, and shape where I’m heading.

And all along the way, I’ve tried to share what I’ve learned to help others along the same path.

And if I end my life knowing I’ve brought “success” to others – whatever that definition of success to them is – then I’ll know I’ve woven a very valuable life.

If you want to learn “rugs” from me, there is a large volume of education I’ve put out there for free, on this blog and also in Cleanfax Magazine as well as on numerous industry forums. I also have training courses when you are ready to move from a “dabbler” in rugs to getting serious about the craft.

If you want to contact me, here is how to do that => Contact Lisa

Happy Rug Cleaning! – LISA


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