There are many different rugs out in the market today. Hand made and machine made. Natural fiber and synthetic fiber. Woven and tufted. New and old.

The one thing they have in common is NO INSTRUCTION MANUAL.

What do you do when you spill on them? Is it okay to vacuum them? Why is your rug shedding, or why does it smell, or will it discolor your floor?

These are the questions tackled on this site.

Though the education here is primarily meant for professional textile cleaners, there is a lot of valuable education here for those who own rugs and want to take care or them, or people who want to buy rugs and are not sure what is best for their home.

In the right column you have a list of the top topics for rug owners to care for their rug, and also a list of topics for those buying rugs to determine if it’s the right choice, or a rug to run from.

If you have technical questions for Lisa, or need to find a trained professional rug cleaner for your rugs in your city, visit the Contact Lisa page.

If you need a rug cleaner in your area, professional cleaners who I know personally (either as peers I’ve collaborated with over the years, or as specialists I have trained in my Textile Pro courses) can be found listed at the rug cleaner directory site