02 PM | 05 Jul

Lisa – Unofficial “Bio”

I love rugs. I love business. To me business is a game – it’s meant to be challenging and fun and meant to make you a better person. So that is what I’m always doing, looking for new ways to improve everything I do.

Life is literally like a rug… you take great materials, and one knot at a time (one action at a time) you end up creating a beautiful weaving of your life on this planet.

I’ve had good times, I’ve had bad times. Both have created what I am today, and shape where I’m heading.

And all along the way, I’ve tried to share what I’ve learned to help others along the same path. And if I end my life knowing I’ve brought “success” to others – whatever that definition of success to them is – then I’ll know I’ve woven a very valuable life.