02 PM | 05 Jul

Rug Basics Training

Rug Secrets is an on-line rug training course that runs 10 weeks.

This is a course that covers everything from fibers to dyes to rug constructions types to the steps of the entire rug cleaning process. We also cover the most common cleaning challenges, best rug shop set-ups, and the rugs today to just turn and run away from.

This is a perfect course for “Dabblers” – cleaners who are just getting into the field, or clean rugs part time and are looking for more confidence and education on rug care… but simply do not have thousands of dollars to invest in an advanced course right now.

Our first of four Textile Pro teams.

If you are looking for basic training in the rug field, send an email off to my assistant for course sign up details TextilePros@gmail.com.

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