• Who is the Rug Chick site for?

    This website is for Professional Cleaners looking for reliable information about rugs and rug care. This site is also for Rug Owners who are looking for tips on caring for their rugs, and Rug Shoppers wondering what are the best rugs to buy today, and which ones to run from. There are three pages dedicated

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  • How do I find the rug information I am looking for?

    Start with which group you belong to (cleaner, owner, shopper) and visit your respective page to see if your question is listed in the top ranked posts for your group. If it is not listed, you can use the search bar to search for the topic you are looking for education about. If that does

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  • Does Lisa have rug training classes?

    Yes she does, for Professional Cleaners. On the Rug Care Training page you can find information about both online rug care courses and in-person rug care training. And on the Upcoming Events you can find events where Lisa will be speaking/teaching.

  • How do I contact Lisa?

    If you are in the San Diego area and need rug cleaning or repair services, you can contact Lisa’s company (K. Blatchford’s San Diego Rug Cleaning Company) at 858-566-3833. If you are a Professional Rug Cleaner or a Rug Owner/Shopper outside of the San Diego area, please contact Lisa through her assistant at TextilePros@gmail.com. Lisa

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