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Today’s trouble rugs, proper rug care, and solutions to cleaning challenges.

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Beginner and Specialist rug care courses for professional cleaners.

Rug Emergency?

Rugs don’t come with an instruction manual. Get tips to care for your rugs when “accidents” happen.

Buying Rugs?

Discover what to look for when rug shopping, and what rugs to run from.


Rug cleaning can be scary if you do not know what you are doing. The rug can bleed, buckle, brown, or fall apart if you make the wrong choices of solutions, equipment, or methods.

This website is the #1 resource for rug care knowledge in the professional cleaning industry. 


There are many different rugs out in the market today. The one thing they have in common is NO INSTRUCTION MANUAL. 

If you have questions about your rug, have a rug problem, or need a professional rug cleaner.


Not sure what rug to buy for your home? Not sure if you are getting a great deal, or getting scammed? You are not alone.

Read through our articles to get tips on what to look for when buying a new rug, and what are today’s Rugs To Run From.

Rug Chick Reader Favorites

Rug Chick Reader Favorites – Some of the most read and shared rug posts by Lisa.

Rugs That Stink.

Rugs That Stink.

When rugs come in our shop that are gosh-awful smelly, the usual suspects are: PETS, FLOODS, BAD...

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