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Pad – What You Need To Know


Every rug on a hard surface can benefit from a rug pad.


There are a wide variety of pads on the market.

A good pad will provide several benefits. It will prevent sliding and slipping on a smooth floor, it will help rugs lay flatter, it will help protect your floor from adhesive backed rugs by allowing air flow, and it slows down the wear and tear on rugs by acting as a shock absorber.

For antique and investment rugs, at our facility in San Diego, we inventory and sell Durahold Plus Pad by No-Muv.

PAD - photo of Durahold 510

Durahold pad has a natural rubber back and a hypo-allergenic felted top side to “grab” and hold the rug in place. For use on hard floors.

The No Muv corporation is owned by the Mussallem family, a long time rug family, and if you ever happen to find your way to Jacksonville, Florida, give yourself a treat of visiting their art and rug gallery at

Their gallery is an amazing experience.

We have sold Durahold Pad for decades. We prefer the thicker high quality pads over the thin rubber mesh pads. For our clients that have investment rugs, this is the pad we recommend locally.

Pads all deteriorate with time, and the thinner pads obviously have a shorter life than the thicker ones. Your choice depends on what you need to protect your rug, or what you need to protect your floor. (If you have a new floor, it is always advised to ask your flooring company which pads they recommend as safe for the floor they just completed for you.)

There are a multitude of pads available online, and you can do research on what your ideal choice should be.

Pads should be trimmed in from the edge of the rug approximately 1-1.5 inches in.

Any wet floor cleaning needs to be dried 100% before placing a pad back down on top, because the weight of a rug and pad pressed down and trapping moisture can create problems for the pad and the floor finish. Keep the edges folded up to allow for complete drying.

As pads age they will begin to break down along the edges first, and this is the sign to look for a replacement. That might be in a few years if your pad is thin, or a decade (or more) if the pad is thicker and made of higher quality materials.

Every good rug deserves a good pad.

– Lisa

P.S. If you have any questions about pad, you are welcome to send me a note through the CONTACT form. I am not a pad expert, but I know more than most.