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Pet Puddles & Kitty Catastrophes


This will probably not get me a whole bunch of fans – but I’m going to say it anyway.

My attitude toward pets is pretty much the same I have with kids … I love them when they are OTHER people’s. 🙂

More than 60% of homes have pets. More and more homes these days have hard surfaces, and of course rugs. And – rugs and pets simply don’t mix.

Here’s a shame right here … and I’m sure it’s a sweet dog (one that would not be living long in my home):

Pet Puddle and Kitty Catastrophes

There seems to be this belief in some pet owners that urine and fecal matter consistently spread on rugs – and in their home on the livingroom carpeting – because it’s from a pet means… it’s okay! Ignore the fact that when you visit their home your eyes water and your nose crinkles up in disgust – it’s okay, it’s just Fluffy’s accident.

(I’m sure Fluffy knew exactly what she was doing … it’s only an accident when you accidentally step in it.)

Here’s the problem with long term urine damage – besides the fact that it’s creating an open air toilet in your home’s living quarters – it’s bad for the rug. It leads to: 1) dye migration/bleeding; 2) dye loss/fading; and 3) dry rot if left unattended too long.

The urine, because it’s warm and acidic, penetrates the rug’s own acid-based dyes, causing many times a permanent discoloration. (TIP: if you love your pets more than your rugs, buy a lot of YELLOW rugs)

But it also penetrates the rug face fibers (most of the time wool) and sinks into the inner foundation threads of the rug (most of the time absorbent cotton) which then leads to mildew and dry rot. If you pull up a rug (like the one pictured in this blog) and you see large pet stains on the backside, and when you knock it with your knuckles it sounds like hollow wood – then you’ve got dry rot. During the wash you may risk the whole area deteriorating and creating a large hole.

A rug that someone paid thousands of dollars for… suddenly worth nothing. But I know… he’s so cuuuuuute!

Please – if you have collectible rugs, and pets you love, please store the rugs or give them to someone who can enjoy them without allowing it to become a toilet. It’s heartbreaking to see a rug that is meant to last multiple lifetimes ruined after a year of misuse and abuse.

I know there are trained pets out there, but I have heard the shock of “but she never does that INSIDE the house!” so many times to know that dogs will be dogs… and they can go wherever they want outside, so why not inside too? I guess it’s part of the collateral damage of those who try to force animals to be people, and then wonder why their health is not as healthy as it could be.

At the very least … recommend to your pet-owning and rug-owning clients to have their homes cleaned several times a year, for their own health, the health of their pets & family, and the health of the rug ( to take care of damage before it becomes too severe to mitigate).

I do love dogs … I just love them outside. (They seem to like it better there too… we’re the crazy ones who choose to live in a closed up house in the middle of a gated community!)

– Lisa