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Armenian Kazak

Here is an antique rug that came by to share its woven beauty with us at Blatchford’s.

This is an Armenian Kazak, woven in the Caucasus Mountains region in the late 1800s.

I love the work of Armenian weavers. Their rugs are so full of life and energy.

This will be the first time I can HASHTAG about motifs that look like hashtags. 🙂

The motifs are woven with meaning in them. I am hoping that among my network of rug friends that some will share what they see in this textile. I see trees of life and motifs of protection.

The more you gaze at this piece, the more you discover in its design.

It is a gorgeous rug, so full of happy energy. I hope you enjoyed meeting my rug friend this week.

Hugs from San Diego,

P.S. I send my love to the Armenian people who are being forced to leave their homes and homeland in Nagorno-Karabakh. I wish I could give them some of the happiness that their ancestors’ weavings have given to me.

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