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Persian Tribal Rug

Happiness is an antique tribal rug walking through our door at Blatchford’s.

This is a Persian tribal rug, woven by Kurdish weavers.

I love the strong rich natural dyes in this piece.

The background brown has oxidized, which makes it lower in height than the rest of the design, which makes the field of motifs appear to be rising up and floating in this piece. It’s lovely.

I love the borders in this rug and the use of white in the center.

This wool is so soft to the touch. I am continually amazed when wool rugs after more than a century of regular use are still in such fabulous condition.

Well woven rugs, using excellent wool and dyes, truly are “forever rugs.”

In a world today of disposal rugs, it is magical to see how quality wool and workmanship stands the test of time so beautifully. Better for our planet, for our homes, and for our hearts. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed meeting my rug friend this week.

Hugs from San Diego,

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